Mercedes Benz | Replacement Keys | The Ultimate Guide

Have you lost the keys to your favourite car? Is your Mercedes benz stuck in your garage because replacing the keys is way too expensive? We can show you different methods to replacing the keys to your Mercedes quickly and affordably.

Keep reading to find out how.

So You Lost Your Toyota Keys, then Initially You Have Options


Buying online is the cheapest way to replace your keys, but it can take a few days to ship the new key to you and you will need to cut it and program it yourself. If you’re in hurry and need your keys straight away, skip to step two.


A Location Locksmith will come out to you, cut and program a new key for you right on the spot. For most cars, it takes only a couple of hours to get you back on the road. It’s still cheaper than the dealership.

How To Buy Mercedes Keys Online

Option One: Amazon’s ‘My Garage’

Amazon has so many products available, that they have a dedicated section just for cars called ‘My Garage’. All you need is an Amazon account to get started.

You’ll need to search through ‘My Garage’ to find a blank key for your specific model. A blank key is literally an unprogrammed and uncut key for your car.

Here are the steps to finding the key for your car.

  • Go to the main page of Amazon ‘My Garage’
  • Using the drop down menu, find the make, model and year of your car.
  • Click search. You will see a list of products specifically for your car.
  • Either look through the products that are there or use the ‘Refine’ feature to narrow down products until you can find your key.
  • Make sure that you find the right key for your car. Sometimes you will need to buy the key AND the lock/unlock remote.

Newer Mercedes have they key and the remote as one unit, known as a Smart key. These sometimes have a backup metal key hidden inside them. Make sure that the key you buy has all the features.
Once you’ve found your key, add it to your card and head over to the checkout!

If you’re not sure if you have the right key for your car, do a quick Google search or visit a Mercedes owner forum to find some pictures.

There are two issues with My Garage:

Delivery times: If you find the right key you still have to wait to it to be shipped to you.
Cutting and coding: Once you’ve got your key you have to head over to the dealership or locksmith to get your key coded and cut.

Option two: The Local Locksmith

Whether or not you were able to find your key, the next step will be to find someone who can cut and code the key for your car.

A mobile locksmith is the best of both worlds. Not only are they able to come to you to fix your car (really important if you’ve lost both keys) but a locksmith who specialises in Mercedes Benz models could get you back on the road in just a few hours!

Mobile locksmiths can often supply, cut and code the key for your car and they can do it all at once. As long as you find a mobile locksmith who works with your specific model and discuss your needs beforehand, they can get you on the road really quickly.

Best Choice

We love this company, they are fast and professional. If it doesn’t work for you there is another option below.


This is a very good company too, they have good coverage and do many types of car keys.

mercedes keys

Mercedes was one of the first vehicle manufacturers to introduce electronic keys and security systems built into the car. As such this means that Mercedes are one of the more expensive vehicles to get replacement keys for.

But we’ve got at least three options you can try before you have to call the dealership for a new (and expensive) set of keys. In this page you’ll find at least one method that will get your Mercedes back on the road.

Option three: Coding your own key

If you’re technically minded and brave then you could code your own Mercedes Benz key. But be warned, unlike other cars, Mercedes Benz are much more complicated. Here is a breakdown of the challenges of reprogramming a Mercedes key yourself.

  1. Only the older ‘Flip’ Mercedes keys can be self programmed. If you’ve got one of Mercedes ‘Smart’ keys then you will have to see either a Mobile Locksmith or a dealership.
  2. Replacement Mercedes Benz keys are either ‘Replacement/Master’ or ‘Spare’ keys. The car will only allow you to program a ‘Spare’ key.
  3. The spare can only be coded for your car. Once you’ve coded the key you can never reprogram it for another car (however if you don’t do it right the first time then you can try to reprogram it again).
  4. Self programming does not work for ‘Replacement/Master’ keys. If you’re lost the master key then the dealership or Locksmith will have to order it directly from Germany and code it to your car (this can sometimes take up to 90mins to recode the security).

Method one:

1. Point the remote control at the receiver in the drivers door handle or beside the trunk lock button.
2. Push the lock/unlock button.
3. You now have a 30 second window to manually lock or unlock the vehicle using the passenger door lock or the trunk lock.

Method two:
1. Repeat steps one and two above.
3. After you push the lock/unlock button, you now have a 30 second window within which you have to switch the ignition ON.

Method three:
1. Repeat steps one and two again
3. After you push the lock/unlock button, you now have a 30 second window within which you have to switch the ignition to the second position.


1.Turn the key to the second position in the ignition. Now turn the key to the first position in the ignition & remove.
2. You now have a 60 second window where you must press & hold the LOCK button.
3. While holding down the LOCK button, press the UNLOCK button five times.

After completing all the steps, check to make sure that all the features and functions of the car are working. If they aren’t just start again from the top. If it really doesn’t work and you don’t can’t get the help of a mobile Locksmith, then you could try the next option.

Option 4: The Mercedez dealership

Mercedes were one of the first cars to introduce serious built in security into their cars and over time they have built up an incredibly secure system. Sometimes this amazing security means that the dealership is going to be your only option for a new set of keys.

There are two main reasons why the dealership is sometimes your last resort:

  • Your car has a Smart Key
  • You’ve lost all the keys to your Mercedes

The Smart key actually has limits to how many keys can be coded to each car. Plus the codes to these keys are stored in Germany. This means that any time a new key is coded for your car, the code is generated from Germany from the VIN number and then the key is coded specifically for your car and the old car.

Basically this means that if anyone found your key and you had already gotten a new set, they’d never be able to use it to unlock and drive your car.

If a dealership is your only option – then make sure they can supply the correct key for your make and model of your car before you agree to pay for the keys. And be prepared to wait for a while.

When calling a dealership try, to get to an authorised BMW only dealer. You may have to travel further but an official BMW dealership will have a higher chance of getting you a new set of keys quicker.