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Car Key Replacement | Find Replacement Car Keys

Have you lost your car keys? Or do you need a replacement car key? You’re at the right place. This guide will help you replace your car keys quickly and for a fraction of the cost of going to the dealership.

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So you need a car key replacement? Initially You Have Options:


Using Amazon is the cheapest way to replace your keys, but it can take a few days to ship the new key to you and you will need to cut it and program it yourself. If you’re in hurry and need your keys straight away, skip to step two.


A Location Locksmith will come out to you, cut and program a new key for you right on the spot. For most cars, it takes only a couple of hours to get you back on the road. It’s still cheaper than the dealership.

How To Buy Car Key Replacements Online

Surprisingly, Amazon is one of the best place to buy car accessories on the internet. They have a vehicle specific page called ‘My Garage’ where you can find items for your specific type of vehicle.

On My Garage all you have to do is use the vehicle menu page to select the make, model and year of your car then click search. A list of items specific to your car will be displayed and from there you can narrow down the search fields to find a set of blank keys for your car.

These will sometimes be listed as transponder keys or blank keys and they are the first step to getting your car back on the road.

A blank key on Amazon is normally cheaper than what a dealership offers. These keys can be taken to a either a locksmith or a dealership and be cut and coded to your car.

A blank is exactly that, blank. It will still need to be cut by a locksmith or dealership to work on your car. For older cars all you need is to take the blank to any locksmith and get a new copy made, but if your car is newer and has a transponder inside, then you need the next option. This is also truth regarding car keys, always check with your insurence company as you may be entitled with a full return on your car key replament job.     

Option two: The Local Locksmith

The challenge of Amazon is the waiting. Amazon does have great shipping times but if you need your car running ASAP you don’t want to wait for the UPS guy. Plus you still get a blank key which needs to programmed.

The quickest method to get up and running is a location locksmith – these mobile locksmiths not only come to you, they can get a key cut and program transponder keys in just a few hours – and often they are cheaper than a dealership as well.

With location locksmiths you do have to ring a few places to make sure you find one that works on the specific make and model of your car. There is always a small chance that the mobile locksmiths near you aren’t able to work on your car, so it’s always best to check.

With modern keys you can just cut a new set. New keys have almost as much electronics as the car itself and they can do a lot more than just open the door and start the car.

But with all this fancy features comes a big cost: If you lose your keys you can’t just cut a new set. Plus If you’ve lose the spare, you’re only down to one key.

New keys mean that you have to go back to the dealership and fork out hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Just for a new set of keys!

Best Choice

We love this company the are fast and professional, If it dosesn’t work  for you there is another option below.


This is a very good company too, they have good coverage and do many types of car keys.

We can show you how to get a new set of keys, or a second set made for a fraction of the cost of what the dealership will charge.

Regardless of what your situation, you’ll have an option to replace your keys for an affordable option.
You’ll be able to explore up to four options for replacing your keys. Each option depends on what your needs are. If you need a key within a few hours, we can show you how to find a mobile locksmith to get you back on the road. If you’re looking for the cheapest option we’ll show you how to use Amazon to find the right keys for you as well.

Because each car is different we’ve organized it by make and model – just find the make, model and year of your car then you’ll find the correct info for it.

How to Program Your Car Keys

If you still have a spare set of keys and are DIY inclined, then you could attempt to program a new set of keys yourself.

You will need to have the physical key cut, but this can be done by a non vehicle locksmith and is as cheap as getting a second set of house keys. Once you have the keys you need to step inside your vehicle with your remaining keys and the new keys and step through a set of specific codes which will program the key to your car.

These codes are unique to each car and may involve things using the controls of the car to active the programming mode of the cars computer. Examples of these codes are:

  • pumping the brake pedal 4 times
  • opening and closing the door twice
  • flashing the light switch.

Again these are specific to your vehicle. We’ve collected as many as we can but we still recommend doing a bit of research to make sure you have the right one for your car.

Option 4: Going to the dealership.

If nothing works there is always still the option of going to the dealership. While this is the most expensive method, they can often guarantee a result – especially if you have at least one key and you’re replacing a spare.

All you have to do is to find the nearest dealership to you and give them a call. It pays to check with them beforehand to make sure that:
they have the technicians and tools to replace your keys
they can give you a timeline to replace the keys.

The main challenge of dealerships is that they are not mobile – meaning that if you’ve lost the only key for your car, then you have to pay to transport you car to them.

So while they have the highest chance of getting you back on the road, they are definitely the most expensive.

Dealerships are sometimes the only choice for those with very modern cars. Modern keys come with keyless entry, built in alarm systems and immobilisers and remote door open features. These are part of the key or an attached key fob or alarm. Some of these are aren’t even keys at all but simply transponder chips. All you have to do is have the key with you and the car will unlock itself when you’re nearby. To start the car all you have to do is push the ‘Engine Start’ button when you’re inside.

While these features are definitely impressive and make it easier to get in and out of your car. It makes your keys very valuable. Replacing these keys can run into the thousands and sometimes your only option is to go to a dealership as they’re too new for mobile locksmiths.

As soon as more affordable methods become available for these modern keys, we will share them with you here.