Honda keys | Replacement Keys | The Ultimate Guide

Have you lost the key to your Honda? Did you get stuck on the side of the road because you locked your only key inside the car? Or did you buy a second hand Honda that only came with one key and you’d like a spare?

Even though Hondas are one of the best affordable cars in the world, you’re probably in for a shock when you call up the dealership and ask how much it costs for a new set of keys.

Don’t worry, in this page, you’ll find at least three different things you can try before you have to ring the dealership. All three methods are cheaper and faster than contacting a dealership so they’re definitely worth a try. And if you do need to contact a dealership, we can help you with that as well.

Keep reading below to find out more.

So You Lost Your Honda Keys, then Initially You Have Options


Buying online is the cheapest way to replace your keys, but it can take a few days to ship the new key to you and you will need to cut it and program it yourself. If you’re in hurry and need your keys straight away, skip to step two.


A Location Locksmith will come out to you, cut and program a new key for you right on the spot. For most cars, it takes only a couple of hours to get you back on the road. It’s still cheaper than the dealership.

How To Buy Honda Keys Online

Option One: Amazon’s ‘My Garage’

The first step is to try find a blank key for your specific car at Amazon’s ‘My Garage’ page. Amazon stocks so many products that they’ve created a page specifically for automotive products.

What you’re looking for inside ‘My Garage’ is a blank key for your car. These keys are often cheaper on Amazon than through a dealership and once you’ve got them all you need to do is to get them cut and coded by a locksmith.

Here are the steps for getting your key at Amazon ‘My Garage’

  1. Go to My Garage main page
  2. Use the drop down menu to find the make, model and year of your car.
  3. Click search and go through a the list of products specifically for your car.
  4. Search until you find your blank key.
  5. Head over to the checkout!

Different models and years can have different keys (especially newer models). To make sure you’ve have the right key for your car, we recommend doing a quick web search or going through a Honda owners forum to get some pictures do a quick search or visit a Hyundai owner forum to find some pictures of key blanks for your car.

Even though you’ll have some money on key blanks through Amazon, there are a couple of challenges.

Waiting: You still have to wait for the delivery guy to drop off your key.

  1. This isn’t a problem if already have a spare – but it’s something to think of if you have no keys.
  2. Key cutting and coding: Once you’ve got your blank you’ll still have have to source a locksmith who can cut and program the key to your car.

Option two: The Local Locksmith

What’s better than a locksmith? A mobile locksmith. These highly skilled individuals can come out to you and unlock your car, cut a new key (or your blank) and program the key – on the spot.

Because they come to you they often save you more money. Remember, most dealerships won’t come to you. If your car is stuck with no keys, you’ll have to tow your car to the dealership.

A good locksmith can actually have you back on the road in a couple of hours!

Here is a some recommended mobile locksmiths who can cut and program keys for your Honda. To get you back on the road as quickly as possible, we recommend calling the locksmith beforehand and discussing the make and model of your car. This way you can be sure they’ll be prepared for your car before they come out.

Best Choice

We love this company the are fast and professional, If it dosesn’t work  for you there is another option below.


This is a very good company too, they have good coverage and do many types of car keys.

honda key example

Option three: Coding a key yourself

Modern keys have two levels of security. There is the physical key and the transponder. Cutting the key to match your car is pretty straightforward. Programming the key is where the challenge is.
Normally key coding is done by locksmiths or dealerships who use specialized software to program the key to the key.

However, there is a backup method to key programming. Most cars will let you program a blank key to the car by using manual programming methods in the car itself.

Programming a blank key is only for cars where you already have one key and are programming the second one. And if you’re technically minded it’s actually not too hard, even though it can look challenging.

And if coding the key doesn’t work the first time, just try again.

Below are the steps to coding Honda keys. Remember you have to get the key cut first before doing this. While the codes here should work, we always recommend that you do two things before trying it:

  1. Check your user manual. Some user manuals actually detail how to program a second set of keys.
  2. Do a quick web search. Honda’s are a popular car and there are many owners forums. It’s a good idea to check there for the programming methods to your specific model.

Steps to programming a new transponder key:

  1. Sit in the drivers seat and close all doors, the trunk and hood. But have the door unlocked.
  2. Insert the existing key to the ignition
  3. Turn the key to the SECOND POSITION
  4. Take the NEW key press the lock button on the key (not on the remote) ONCE
  5. Turn the key in the ignition back to the first position
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5
  7. One the FIFTH repetition, the cars doors will lock.

This means that your programming has worked. Take the original key out of the ignition and test the new key. If it starts the car you’ve done it!

Option 4: The dealership

The final option, if nothing you’ve tried has worked, is to head to the dealership.

The dealership may be the most expensive method here or even the fastest, but it’s got the best chance of getting you back on the road with two sets of keys.

Before you hand over any cash, do the following:

  1. Find a dealership which is familiar with the model and year of your Honda
    Make sure they can give you a firm quote and timeline on a key replacement.
  2. In addition to the cost of the new keys, you could end up paying the towage fee for getting your car to the dealership. But if you only want a second key made, then you just have to leave the car with them.

If you’re going to the dealership, we recommend getting more than one set of key made. Just in case.